Friday, June 17, 2011

The Bungalow

Today I went to Larchmont with Ms. E for our very first hang out and we went to this place called The Bungalow. I had been to Larchmont once before but not to this place. Oh, it was so good. The atmosphere was nice and the staff was easy going and not all haggard and stressed like most morning staffs are (McDonald’s, I’m looking at you!).

I got the Cobb Omelet which consisted of a gigantic ass omelet stuffed with bacon, chicken, sliced avocado on top, and a big side of potatoes. Oh, it was so good. Seriously, every single bite was good. And the bacon wasn’t that Canter’s type bacon that’s small and hard. The chicken was good as well. For a drink I got an Arnold Palmer with green tea. Never had one with green tea and was super surprised at how good it was.

Kinda pricey but I didn’t have to eat another meal for almost twelve hours after going here. Ms. E had a got a seafood omelet that was good too. I say give this place a try. But expect to be full. Oh, and before I forget, they have this red and blue velvet cake that I have to try the next time I head to The Bungalow.

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