Sunday, November 24, 2013

Two Weeks Of Food

A few weeks ago I went to Il Trammezino with Jen-Jen. This place was on Ventura and even though there is one near me in Beverly Hills I'd never been there or heard of it. She says its one of her favorite places and if I am eating somewhere for the first time and you tell me its one of your favorite places I'm gonna try it for sure. So we get there and even though it looks packed there is a table for the two of us. We sit down, she gets coffee, me a Sprite. I almost always get this or an Arnold Palmer when I try something new or if I don't want what I'm having to be messed with by the taste of something stronger like Coke.

I got the turkey avocado sandwich and when I took that first bite I damn near slid out my chair. It was so damned good. The bread was incredible. Most times you have a fancy sandwich the main difference is that the bread is harder or you have to put up more of a fight when eating it. This one was perfect. I'll definitely be heading back here and trying more things.

Last weekend I hung with West and we started to get the hunger pains. We were in Korea Town and while there are a lot of places to eat sometimes you get to that point mentally where you just cant figure out what you want. Eventually I said “I'm gonna fuck around and get Denny's.” So we did. I got this double bacon cheeseburger that was so good. Like, surprisingly good for Denny's along with some fries and a Sprite.

I also decided to get a pumpkin pie milkshake and I'll be damned if it didn't taste like actual pumpkin pie. But after eating that huge burger and fries I couldn't finish my milkshake. I finished most but not all of it. Damned good.

And just the other day me and Jen-Jen went to Chin-Chin. I had been to the location on Sunset years ago and not been back since. She got the Chinese chicken salad and this thing was massive! Whenever I hear the word “salad” I picture three leaves, a cucumber, and some olives of something. This had more chicken than most sandwiches that claim to be chicken. I tried it and it was something that I'd get for sure the next time I go here.

I got the beef something or other. It was good but I danced around the tomatoes and those crispy things that are some vegetable that I never ask about. I should have gotten rice with it like the waitress suggested but still this was a really good meal and I didn't get hungry again until way later when I came home and grabbed a slice of pizza on Hollywood Blvd.

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