Sunday, May 8, 2011

Carniceria Latina

Wrote these so out of order. I started the day with Ms. J. at the park after grabbing some awesome ass food from Carniceria Latina. She had mentioned how good this place was and I was so excited. As soon as we stepped inside I got all excited just smelling everything. I got some chicken empanadas. Oh it was so delicious! I thought the one’s at Lala’s were good. Yeah, they are but they’re nothing like these. Nothing!

Ms. J. got the spinach and cheese ones and beef ones. All of them were good. Yes, even the spinach! I ate it. That happened! We just sat there drinking our awesome sodas on a blanket enjoying the amazing weather eating empanadas. There were also the damned kids with soccer balls, a dog playing catch, and the remote control car powered by gasoline. Carniceria Latina was really good and I really hope to go there again soon!

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