Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tender Greens

Laura invited me to this place I had never even heard of but had to have seen called Tender Greens on Sunset. Or Hollywood as she put it. I’m joking (this is in case Laura is reading this). She warned me beforehand that this place was healthy because she knows how my diet rolls.


So we get there and they have this big ass dry erase board menu with what they had. I got the chicken chipotle with mashed potatoes. They were trying to force a salad upon me but Laura let them know that there was no way I’d eat it. So I got extra mashed potatoes instead and they were good. I love when I don’t have to add salt or butter. I also got a a lemonade that was, like, real lemonade. I had to add an assload of sugar to make it super sweet.


Laura got the steak with salad and mashed potatoes. It wasn’t warm so they reheated it…kinda. She still seemed to enjoy it and said that this place makes some kind of mistake every time she goes. For desert we got a carrot cake top. Yes, just the top and it was soft and delicious.

Thanks to Laura for getting me out the house and trying something new.

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